SK6000F fruit and vegetable automatic packaging production line uses world leading technology, can provide processes including feeding, weighing, rejecting, punching, labeling, and output according to the customers. With its high efficiency, intelligence and complete automation, the customer can save the greatest degree of manpower and create a high return on investment.

Main features

1. Automatic packaging production line to maximize efficiency;

2. Automatic change of bag length, maximum material savings;

3. Fully automatic punching, maximum freshness of vegetables;

4. Fully automatic dynamic weighing;

5. Automatic rejection device;

6. Automatic printing and labeling;

7. Reciprocating end seals ensure compact packaging, material savings, and quick bag opening;

8. Full servo control ensures accuracy and aesthetics

9. Reserve speed-raising function to reserve space for upgrade and development;

10. A lot of custom packaging cases.

Product application and bag type



Optional device

1. Automatic weighing

Automatic real-time dynamic check weighing

2. Rejection device

Automatic rejection of unqualified products after weighing

3. Punching

Punching holes in bags.

4. Labeling

Real-time collection of logistic information, modular, flexible and efficient, easy to operate, low cost, excellent performance, a variety of labeling distance.

Fully-automatic dynamic labeling, stable and safe.

Main parts introduction

Feeding device

Feeding device is responsible for fruit and vegetable feed. It can use chain plate or network chain. And according to customer it can be placed straightly or with a certain angle. This device uses variable-frequency and variable-speed motor.


Automatic checkweigher

We use world leading weighing technology to achieve high-speed dynamic precision weighing and ensure stable and reliable measurement of the results. The checkweigher can be used for data communication with the labeling printer, implementing the weighing information to synchronize with the labeling information.


Separation machine

The weighing qualified products and the non-conforming products will be delivered into different channels. And the non-conforming product will be automatically switch to the eliminate channel.


Pillow packaging machine

The pillow packaging machine adopts the latest mechanical structure and high precision full servo control system. The bright spots of the machine include high speed rotary drilling device (optional), high speed labeling printer, no push rod feed and reciprocating end seal.


Layered conveyor belt

The upper belt conveys the packaged items to cartons and the lower belt outputs the cartons. It greatly reduces the labor intensity of packing staff.


Control System

The control system uses international well-known brands, such as real-time dynamic response sensor, high-precision servo controller, intelligent programmable controller and friendly man-machine interface providing reliable protection for the stability of the entire system. The optional communication interface facilitates business background data control and big data analysis, providing effective help for enterprise decision-making.

contral system.webp

Parameter table




80 bags/min

Power Requirements

AC220/380~415V, 50Hz/60Hz(Can be customized according to different areas.)

Ground condition

Independent grounding

Total power


Preference temperature


Preference humidity

≤85% RH, no condensation

Gross weight

The host: 2000Kg, The whole line: 3500Kg


≤1000m(>1000m need to be confirmed)

Way for the film

The film is provided from above.

Max film width


Maximum end sealing height


Maximum Width of the packaged


Our service

Pre-sales Services:

1. Our professional packing video autoplay will give you direct feeling about our machine.

2. Free packing solutions from our chief engineer.

Medium-sales Services:

Smallte have the trained team to follow your orders methodically to guarantee the products can be finished on time with high quality.

After-sale Services:

1. Manuals / Videos of machine installation, adjusting, setting, and maintenance are available for you.

2. If any problems happened and you cannot find out the solutions, telecom or Online face to face communication available 24 hours.

3. Smallte engineer & technician are available send to your countries for services if you agree to pay the expenditure.

4. We guarantee for one year. During the warranty year if any of the parts broken not by man-made. We will free charge to replace the new one to you.